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Manzeera Solutions has niche experience in transforming the BI landscape for the transportation industry.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your BI to the next level.

We provide a multitude of services including:

  • Platform Evaluation
  • Data Quality Reconciliation
  • Platform Implementation/Support
  • KPI based analysis trails
  • ERP Extraction
  • Data Harvesting as a Service
  • Visualisation Expertise as a service
  • Proof of Concepts

Manzeera Solutions have extensive experience across the European Transport Industry with a specific focus on international train organisations. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new platform, have data quality and reconciliation issues or struggling to get value from your ERP systems, Manzeera Solutions can help.

Through our experience of implementing and integrating BI Competency Centre (BICC) framework, Manzeera Solutions is uniquely placed in the BI market to provide any transportation company the BI services they need. We have experience assimilating BICC framework through full end to end BI process development, extensive experience liaising with internal stakeholders to optimise BICC processes and procedures alongside full project lifecycle documentation and template development that form the foundation of a BI Centre of Excellence.

We have expertise across all the major BI lifecycle processes including:

Furthermore, Manzeera Solutions has worked with a large variety of sources and data feeds throughout the EU train market. We guarantee that we will not only understand your BI landscape without issue but quickly assess how to maximise its value to the business, maximising your ROI.

Our team is highly experienced in KPIs related to the train industry. This includes but is not limited to: Sales, Earnings, PPM, CaSL, Commissions, Schedule Adherence, Service Performance, Trends in Cancellations, penalties due to DfT, Operational Safety KPIs such as Incidents Analysis, Faults Resolution Compliance and Innovative Solutions in Conjunction with RSSB. Using this knowledge, we can provide services to set up and define KPIs in your BI landscape further enhancing its value.

This experience is also extended across various departmental processes such as Train Operations, Sales, Finance, HR, Procurement, Ticketing, Schedule vs Plan and Quality Performance.

If you are looking to improve your BI infrastructure, Manzeera Solutions can help. From issues such as data quality reconciliation to large platform integrations, we at Manzeera have the expertise to assist.


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