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Levelling the playing field for Small and Medium Enterprises with readily available Analytics in a pay as you use model

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Benefits of the Service

Increased Revenues

Reduced Costs

Improved Profitability

Increased Reliability

Improved Customer Experience

Increased Operational Efficiency

Foundation for 360-degree Business Analytics

Improved Employee Morale

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in most economies. Not only do they account for 90% of businesses, they also enable 50% of the employment worldwide and contribute 40% of the GDP in emerging markets. However, they lag behind significantly in adoption of technology, most working largely with spreadsheets and databases

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Do you face a lack of time, technical expertise and capital? Have these become a bottleneck for enabling insights with Analytics? Is this impacting the pace of business growth?

Manzeera levels the playing field for SMEs with a simple, flexible and cost-effective pay as you use Analytics for All.

We provide an outcome-based model for Business Analytics as a Service with complete abstraction of the underlying technology components, so that you can focus on harnessing the power of analytics for your business while we empower you and seamlessly drive the underlying technical tooling.

Let’s look at what your peers have achieved with Analytics for All.

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We focus on your business process and power of your data for enabling efficiency
We provide you the simplicity to choose from a set of questions that you’d like to address for your business
We provide you with the flexibility of changing these questions based on the business scenario
We set-up a visual panoramic view of all business operations in a single pane – this can be on any of your devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones or specially provided panoramic consoles by Manzeera
We abstract you from the technical complexities
You pay only for what you use

Benefits that some of our SME customers achieved are as follows

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A Retailer in the United Kingdom
  • Improved sales by 50% within 1 month of deployment
  • Improved profitability by 27%
  • Detected and alerted on active fraud worth thousands of pounds
  • Optimized cost of inventory by 60%
  • Deployment within 3 weeks, self-service capability with secure data access from day 1
  • ROI of over 300% within three months of deployment
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An Ecommerce provider in the United States
  • Real-time clickstream analytics
  • 100% visibility to the customer’s journey from the CLP, PLP, PDP, cart and check-out flow
  • 150% uplift in Average Order Value (AOV)
  • 100% uplift in Average Transaction Frequency (ATF)
  • Improved Find It and Buy It conversion rates
  • Reduced check-out abandonment rate

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