Manzeera Solutions provides premium services in choosing the right architecture for your BI landscape to unlock the full potential of your data and its management.

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Benefits of the Service:

  • Total Cost of ownership calculation (TCOs) with architecture components
  • Articulating technology standards and organisations BI efforts
  • Design guidelines and naming conventions
  • Undertaking Proof of Concepts
  • Business Transformation: AS IS/TOBE
  • BICC setup and CIO advice

Looking to improve your BI landscape by reshaping your existing underlying BI architecture? - Manzeera Solutions is an independent and unbiased advisor that will help you to optimise your BI ranging from data storage, integration, data reconciliation to visualisation capabilities.

Our expertise will enable you to find the best fit software services for your organisation. The goal of business intelligence software at Manzeera is to help businesses access, analyze, comprehend and visualize data, and then communicate those meaningful insights into dashboards and key metrics. Our teams have experience across key BI architecture technologies including SAP, Oracle, AWS, Tableau, DOMO, Snowflake, Cognos, Alteryx, Hadoop, SnapLogic, and many more.

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of the players in the market both singularly and in conjunction with each other – this enables us to guide businesses to choose a combination of technologies and software that will be the best fit for their individual BI ecosystem.

Manzeera believes in using the best tools and techniques and ensuring that the right set of preliminary questions are asked. We evaluate a multitude of technologies alongside your existing BI architecture to make sure your architecture is the best fit for your BI landscape and continuously strive to find the key components for your BI problems to keep you ahead of the curve.

Our experience enables us to deliver robust advice to your CIOs and create efficient BICCs to take your business intelligence landscape to the next level. Finding business intelligence software that will scale with your organization’s needs and one that is sustainable? If yes, Manzeera is the right place to discuss your business needs.

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