Want to reduce the manual labor of your BI systems? Our Robotic Process Automation service can help

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Benefits of the Service:

  • Reduce the manual effort of employees
  • Reallocate employees to high-value processes
  • Increases business productivity
  • Increases in operating margin
  • Reduce processing costs by up to 80%
  • Eliminate human errors to improve accuracy & consistency

Here at Manzeera Solutions, we have noticed that a lot of companies are hiring humans to do simple and repetitive tasks. With the current modern advancements in AI technology, we know that these processes can be automated. This is why we developed a service package that provides full end-to-end support of AI implementation which would have a large ROI for many organisations.

There are three sectors in your organisation where you can implement RPA. Namely:

Support Functions (Finance and Accounting procedures) – HR, Purchasing, Risk and Compliance, Controlling and Accountings

Front Office (Repetitive PC-based activities) – Financial Services, Healthcare, Utilities and Public Sector

Back Office (Processing digital files) – Retail, Telecommunication, Public Sector, Telecommunication

Each company has different sections of its data landscape that it can potentially automate with advanced AI. Through initial consultations, we can identify automatable activities inside your organisation and estimate the ROI on employing automation. After this initial phase, we will implement the system then support and monitor progress. After the system is up and running, we will hand it over to your team once they feel comfortable handling it themselves.

It is important to note that the fact that even though you will need to have somebody to support and monitor the processes that the AI is automating, the value and investment will pay themselves back extremely fast. The amount of work power you would get from implementing the system and redeploying employees enables this.

RPA - Centre of Excellence

To help identify and implement the use cases inside your organisation, we employ a 4-point axis. Each Axis aims to solve the challenges of implementing the system and make the transition into an RPA system seamless.

Internal Consulting (One of our Solution Architects and CSM’s) – Identify and evaluating use cases

IT – Architectural coherence and system rollout, consistently evaluating operating and modification costs

HR – Advising change of management structure, redeployment to employees whose job is removed from the implementation of RPA

Finance – Monitoring the investment by your organisation and calculating the expecting ROI on implementing the system

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