Take the manual effort out of your Business Process

Ensure automation of repetitive tasks, improve productivity, reduce errors and enable better decisions making.

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Benefits of the Service

Reduced Operation Cost

Improved Operational Efficiency

Increased Reliability

Better Decision-Making Capability

Easy Tracking and Monitoring of Operations

Improved Employee Morale

Reduced Operation Cost

Reallocate employees to high-value processes

When was the last time you looked at your business processes and questioned why so many activities are still being manually done?

When was the last time you questioned the efficacy of your process for coordinating tasks and a workflow across user groups, countries, entities?

When was the last time a senior member of your team was away and it looked like the process cannot function without her/him

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Unfortunately, perhaps, too often?

There is so much data, analytics, AI and automation technology out there, that it is distressing if still running manual processes !

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At Manzeera, we’ve been working with business functions across industries to enable the cycle of digitize, analyse, automate & optimize with the objective of:

  • Codifying manual processes
  • Analysing the data created by the digitized process
  • Discover shortcomings or bottlenecks
  • Continuously refine and automating the process
  • Optimizing business outcomes

Welcome to the world of Automation at Manzeera where this, and more, is possible!

There is so much data, analytics, AI and automation technology out there that it is a wonder, then why should you be running manual processes!

We provide automation services across the distinct categories.

Process Automation

Activities that are repetitive and follow well established steps

Intelligent Automation

Activities that need a human to find & analyse data from different internal & external systems, to make a recommendation and, take the best-fit action

We do this by:

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Shadowing the business process
Understanding a day in the life of a business process executive
Laying down the end-to-end business process
Analysing the same for bottlenecks, errors, productivity improvements and potential points of failures
Codification of the process as a proof of value
Roadmap for digitize, analyse, automate and optimize
End-to-end implementation, testing, deployment
Value validation

We help organizations automate and optimize their business processes, as a result improving operational efficiency, performance, and increasing reliability.

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