Stop juggling with multiple sources of data. GYD™ can help you access your data from any place anywhere.

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Benefits of the Service:

  • Rapid implementation into any complex BI landscape
  • Fully automated and fully scalable
  • An effective pipeline for data transfer across all your systems
  • Enables a streamlined single point of truth
  • Getting data out from external & internal sources
  • Leverage on an API based model

One of the biggest challenges in the contemporary BI market is access to data. This combined with various data sources can make data analysis a stressful and time-consuming process that fails to maximize the true value of business data.

To combat these issues, Manzeera has developed a disruptive technology that changes the way businesses can access and consume their data: GYD™.

GYD™ can access and extract data in an easy, automated, and direct way. This enables organisations to build a single point for truth for all your data, which can be utilized to give a more holistic understanding of your data and generate insights previously inaccessible to you. From our experience of implementing BI solutions, we understand that everyone has a unique combination of applications and systems in their architecture

Therefore, GYD™ is highly adaptable and can be tailored to create a unique pipeline that is tailored to suit your BI landscape and specific requirements.

Smart people, smart architectures, and smart applications don’t rely on manual data extracts. They leverage an API-based model, where they just connect to an API to get the data they need. Manzeera GYD™ helps extract data from old legacy systems and exposes an API to fulfill your data needs. If you have an external or internal source system that is not enabled for automated data extraction, just use the Manzeera GYD™.

GYD™ is user-friendly, quick to implement and there is no disruption to your pre-existing landscape - minimizing risk and maximizing results. Envision a landscape where you can access any data instantaneously, cutting down the time between data generation and consumption: GYD™ is the next step to modernize your data consumption.

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