Our Business Intelligence (BI) team at Manzeera Solutions have a deep knowledge of both the most widely used BI tools as well as the modern and up-and-coming solutions. This ensures that we can select the most appropriate BI model for your organisation, which is both the most productive and cost effective. Whether it is digital dashboards, online analytical processing or spreadsheets you need, we will make sure the tool implemented for you BI is a perfect fit for the outcomes you desire. Below are just some of the Business Intelligence (BI) tools that compose our extensive knowledge and resources.

SAP BI i.e. Webi, Crystal reports etc.




In order to plan and implement the most appropriate BI solution for your business we offer numerous services. These services ensure that every aspect of your Business Intelligence (BI) service is covered end-to-end, from consultancy and implementation to staffing, so that your organisation will have all the necessary support it needs both during the setup and consequential running of your BI solution.

IT Roadmap and Audit

Production Support

Financial Transformation /Consolidation

Financial Reporting Pack

Audit / Assessment / Health-check

Project Implementation

Staff Augmentation

Business Process reengineering

Manpower, Opex, Capex and Annual Business Planning

Change Advisory Board and Release Management

Upgrade and Roll out

“As-is” and “T

ABAP Factory

Application Rationalisation


At Manzeera Solutions, we have a unique sector approach that combines the different elements of our expertise in the context of your industry. Having worked across a wide range of industries such as health, travel and finance, we have comprehensive experience across many Business Intelligence (BI) systems and requirements, meaning that we have the capacity to construct the best BI solution for your organisation. Our team have a passion for what they do and a commitment to our clients. We guarantee quality in all we do, achieving potential for your organisation and making a difference.

Cross technology expert team

Regardless of location or industry

Industry leading standards

Multidimensional value engine teams

Customised solutions

Comprehensive Domain expertise

Implement BI Right First Time

At Manzeera Solutions we understand the complex nature of Business Intelligence construction and implementation. With years of experience in both developing existing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and BI migration we ensure the most cost and time effective approach for each individual business’ needs. Utilising our extensive knowledge in SAP BI means that we are highly adept at understanding how to migrate to modern BI solutions with minimal risk of lost data and within a rapid timeframe. This, combined with our experience delivering BI solutions to different sized corporations, means we are able to guarantee a BI solution and migration that fits your individualistic business outcomes best. At Manzeera Solutions we have also chosen to remain partnerless, meaning we will always choose the most effective and suitable BI systems for your organisation. The Pentagon of BI Success is our own tried and tested methodology when it comes for BI construction and migration. This has been developed and refined over years of experience and enables us to not only develop and migrate entire BI solutions but understand areas of priority assisting with planning and implementation of changes, swiftly targeting the areas that need to be addressed first. Our Pentagon of BI Success guarantees one of a kind Business Intelligence (BI) realisation and ensures optimum results at the lowest cost possible.


For new clients, begin with applying the best practice model across the pentagon in order to set the right parameters for BI.

Assessment or audit - whether you’re starting for scratch or already have aspects implemented we will apply our expert knowledge to ignite or improve the most suitable BI approaches.

Benchmark - compare business processes and performance metrics evaluating what can be refined and revised.

Organise - producing a plan of action that will facilitate the application of BI taking into account the different dimensions that come into play.

Improve - make changes to and advance current standards in order to practice the correct approach to BI.

Accelerate - promote the use of BI in order to quickly stimulate better business approaches and practices.

Increase ROI - using established and tested BI methods to grow your profitability.

The Pentagon of BI Success is our copyrighted flagship model developed over the years by our team through their experience and expert knowledge.

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