Tired of hiring expensive developers? Need a temporary solution to a gap in your BI without feeling obligated to retain that employee?Looking to reduce costs but worried about delivery outputs whilst utilizing offshore resources?

Contact us today to Manzeera Solutions can help you by providing expert offshore and nearshore BI experts

Benefits of the Service:

  • Affordable expertise, onshore, nearshore or offshore
  • Dynamic expertise, adjustable toyour use-case
  • Flexible availability, tailored to your time zone
  • Affordable BI in relation to all our services or your own use-case

Here at Manzeera Solutions, we understand the importance of utilizing BI spend and how different priorities and timescales can become challenging regarding selecting resources. To combat this, Manzeera has created services to provide relevant resources at affordable rates. Through Manzeera, organisations can get reliable experts with the niche skillsets they require at competitive costs.

Ours reduce spend service aims to delegate certain processes inside your BI landscape to specific experts within our team. This not only removes bandwidth constraints from your existing employees but also in turn reduces spend on certain activities, enabling better budget allocation to higher-priority endeavors

Manzeera has BI experts available with specific skillsets to meet your requirements. Our developers all have experience across the multiple vectors of BI including a variety of data, visualization, storage, and integration platforms and systems.

At Manzeera, we ensure that you get the specialist help you need to take your BI to the next level whilst reducing your current BI spend.

Our experts have experience across the following sectors of BI:

  • Integration Platforms
  • ERP Data Systems
  • Visualisation Platforms
  • Data Management
  • Planning Solutions
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure

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