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At Manzeera, we envision optimizing systems, Strategies, workforce, technologies, and other resources to pave the way for business growth and expansion.

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Benefits of the Service

Improved Internal Efficiency

Reduction in Cost

Improved Business Performance

Ability to work in Dynamic Environments

Improved Relationships with Clients

Better Engagement with Staff

Stronger Client Relationships

Target Operating Model (TOM) is a roadmap of an organization's vision that supports its operating capacities and strategic objectives.

It provides an overview of the business capabilties, external drives, internal caveats, strategic and operational controls, functional and organizational structure, information resources, and technology of the firm. In the modern cognitive and digital landscape, it has become essential to redefine what is next and then implement the target state with an effective Target Operating Model.

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We, at Manzeera Solutions, deliver Target Operating Model across various sectors and implement a wide range of business strategies

Our team leverages a bespoke approach to support businesses to achieve their objectives.

Manzeera holds strong expertise to help clients on a plethora of projects

We can transform your existing operating model to design a target operating model in response to changing scenarios to facilitate continuous growth.

Our team integrates thorough assessments and planning to create a strategic roadmap for the clients based on their objectives and resources.

Not only this! We are different from what others do. We work with data-driven sources and not only on subjective interviews. This lead to continuous values realisation and not just a one-time improvement in the business model. Along with taking your business to a higher scale, our strategies also strengthen the operations and processes.

Old Way of
Process Mapping

Subjective Interview

Partial Process Understanding

One-Time Improvement

New Way of
Process Mapping

Objective and Data Driven Sources

End-to-End Transparency

This lead to Continuous value Realisation


Manzeera Solutions - Providing Growth, Value and Competence

A glimpse of what our clients have achieved with our Target Operating Model software.

A large Insuretech
based in UK
  • Improved internal organizational structure
  • 90% improved productivity across various verticals
  • 98% project turnover rate
  • 100% client satisfaction and improved client retention
  • Enhanced spread of knowledge across various departments
  • Development of skilled and relevant workforce
A large Professional Services
firm based out of USA
  • Improved business and system architecture
  • 90% improvement in internal consistency & operational efficiency
  • 97% optimization for resources and team efforts
  • A strategized approach that helped in target achievement
  • 100% client satisfaction and client retention
  • Development of skills to improve the team

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