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Win more, win big with Manzeera’s Domo capabilities.

We are a global and strategic partner of Domo with one of the most (outside of Domo) implementation and support person hours under our belt.

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To achieve wins with Domo leveraging our product extension capabilities, custom connectors and intelligently broken down work packages.

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Why Domo with Manzeera?

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Strategic global partners at the highest level
We have probably one of the highest person hours Domo implementations & support under our belt, we work with Domo to extend the product, our connectors augment Domo’s connectors in enabling dark data sources.
Subscription-based product GYDTM (Get Your Data)
Our product provides for 200+ connectors that work natively with Domo. These are in addition to Domo’s standard connectors covering data sources that are not enabled yet by Domo.
Go beyond the Standard
We solve highly complex and custom requirements for visualization, back-end data modelling and transformations, data governance, and data science. These may not be on the immediate product roadmap and provide ready solutions to customer needs.
Beyond the technology
We understand industries and business functions, we talk the customer’s language and work with them to define a 360 degree view to their business.
Time to Value
Based on our experience and products, we have built several accelerators that help us deliver faster with reduced risks. We enable immediate value for Domo and our customers.

Many sales teams struggle to achieve their target or win big enterprise deals with Domo.

Manzeera allows no exceptions – we enable you with the highest value wins, the most wins and the highest recurring license revenue. Period.

The most common challenge faced is that the ‘customer is looking for something that the Domo product cannot provide’.
Let’s look at some frequently faced scenarios:

The customer wants to connect to sources for which no standard connectors exist.


Yes, we can ensure full data coverage with our connectors!


The customer wants to source data from SAP, Oracle and Infor enterprise applications.


Yes, we specialize in these data sources and our connectors can connect to any application in these stacks!


The customer has complex use cases with multiple data sources and difficult data flows to model.


Yes, this is our niche!


The customer needs custom capabilities – embedded apps, visualizations, landing pages?


Yes, we’ve done it many a times already!


The customer wants to simulate tomorrow’s predictions with today’s data and encash on niche data science capabilities?


Yes, absolutely!


The customer wants to improve technical performance while ensuring optimal total cost of ownership?


Yes, controlling hardware costs while ensuring optimal ETL, modelling and report performance is our niche!


The customer wants an enterprise scalability?


Yes, we provide for end-to-end capability on data governance – catalog, glossary, lineage and security!

We make this work with Manzeera’s extra mile capabilities and ROI optimizer wheel for Domo.


The customer selects, mixes, and matches the functionalities that are required and with that we ensure that we tailor the proposal and implementation for you, we tackle the specific issues that the customer is facing, we create a comprehensive solution and bring a new level of flexibility with a 360 degrees coverage of their business.

Look at what customers have achieved with us on Domo.

Domo consulting for finance sector
Business empowered with access to previously inaccessible data, enabling to gain valuable insights and drive valuable business decisions through data driven culture adoption
Domo implementation for sales marketing sector
Sales & Marketing
Full-fledged reporting dashboard that clearly reflects a holistic view of sales & marketing.
domo solutions for data connection industry
Data Connection
Single point of truth and effective governance of data ensuring compliance with confidentiality and privacy requirements.

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